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The Stupidity of Crowds: Brexit Edition

Trump is a clint

Economists almost never agree with each other. Economic issues are very complex and often have many facets to consider. So when they do agree on something, it’s because the issue at hand is pretty simple and straightforward. Before the Brexit vote, economists almost universally agreed that leaving the EU would… Read more »

Where In This Whole Galaxy Are You Going To Look For Spock’s Brain?

Where In This Whole Galaxy Are You Going To Look For Spock's Brain?

In 2004 there was a theatrical production of the second worst episode of the original Star Trek series mounted at the Improv in Irvine California. A victim of third season budget cuts, Spock’s Brain is widely reviled by Trek fans. The cast and writer all agree it’s one of the… Read more »

Life Imitates Robocop 2

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Life Imitates Robocop 2

The 1990 film Robocop 2 predicted a dystopian future where suburban parents and their bratty kids run wild wreaking havoc and committing crimes. Well the future is now! Meet Mary Jordan, Ashley England, and Sammie Whaley. Mary likes selfies. Sammie Jo loves her some Jeebus: These three suburban Ohio moms… Read more »

Super awesome PC has the best Q & A section on

Alienware Area 51 PC

For some time, Apple has ruled the roost when it comes to product design of personal computers, while PC’s have been stuck with VHS player aesthetics. A while back though, Dell released the Alienware Area 51 gaming PC, which brings a bold new look to PC design. The specs are… Read more »

Stop saying you “crushed it” (or “killed it”)!

Stop saying you crushed it

One of the most annoying aspects of tech/start up culture is its misuse of language. If you think of a slightly different way of doing something, you are not “disrupting”. A market is not a “space”. But the most egregious example of this phenomenon is when people describe succeeding at… Read more »

Wrecking Balls To The Wall!

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Wrecking balls to the wall

I know I’m super late to the party with this one. I try to avoid stupid ass pop music. But when I heard Miley Cyrus had a song called “Wrecking Ball”, I instantly thought of the classic 80’s metal song by Accept, “Balls to the Wall”.

Never Mind The APR!

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G. G. Allin Mastercard, Life sucks, scum fuck edition

How are you going to pay for that KISS-themed coffin? How about with a Sex Pistols Themed Mastercard? Virgin has introduced a line of credit cards with Sex Pistols graphics, because getting approved for a credit card is punk as fuck. Here’s a video of mega douche Sir Richard Branson… Read more »

The Global Economy Works, Y’all!

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Say you’re an authority figure in a monotheistic religion based on Bronze Age superstitions. And say one of your tactics for controlling your followers is stirring hatred and fear of the gays. Say you have a group of young boys you’re trying to indoctrinate through fear of an ancient sky… Read more »

I Miss The Eighties Friday – Killtastic Edition

Kill and Kill again

For this week’s I Miss The Eighties Friday, I present the trailer for the amazing film “Kill and Kill Again”. It’s the one motion picture that will annihilate every concept you’ve ever had about the limits of human strength, conditioning, and endurance! (It says so in the trailer). A rag-tag… Read more »

The TSA For Kids Video Contains No Mention Of Invasive Body Cavity Searches