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Tales From The Olive Garden: No Breadsticks, No Peace Part 2


If there is a sort of inverse mirror universe version of the decaying Mad Max style post apocalyptic hellscape much of America is turning into, it would be Times Square. A Twilight Zone-like area of out-sized versions of corporate chains and soulless eateries is home to the world’s largest Olive… Read more »

Michael Scott Reacts To Paul Ryan’s Statement About Healthcare Repeal

Trump has Q’s Give him A’s

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Trump sad

Pizza Hut spokesperson Donald Trump has gotten his feelings badly hurt by the media. You can tell because this is the picture that appears when one finishes the questionnaire on his website about the relationship between the former wrestling contender and the media: Yes, they decided to go with the… Read more »

Who would have said the Stephen Miller quote better?

Stephen Miller

After three weeks in office, Pizza Hut spokesperson Donald Trump has decided to go full Skeletor. Reeling from widespread opposition to his polices, incompetence, and general bitch-assness, he sent underling Stephen Miller to declare that Drumpf will not be denied. Too bad John Dickerson cuts him off before he vows… Read more »

5 Reasons We Should Abolish Christmas

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Let's abolish Christmas

  Christmas needs to go. It’s the most stressful, most expensive, least enjoyable holiday and it should be abolished. Here’s why: 1. Christmas has an identity crisis It’s a christian holiday celebrated on the day of a Roman winter solstice festival. Most of the symbols associated with it are from… Read more »

An Open Letter To Donald Trump

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Juggalos against Trump

You’re president now. I know. Crazy, right? We can’t believe it either. Now that the surprise has worn off, we need to have a heart-to-heart. Because I’m worried about you, Donald. You had it all planned out: run a divisive campaign, whip the base up into a frenzy, lose the… Read more »

Eagles Fly – The Best Thing To Ever Happen on Local TV News

The best thing to ever happen on local TV news

It has been said that a crisis is just another kind of opportunity. For one local TV news team, one such crisi-tunity arose when they filmed a segment about bald eagles. When they discovered that the wireless microphone had malfunctioned, they decided this was their moment to shine. They cut… Read more »

It’s Frank Sinatra’s Solar System – We’re Just Living In It

Frank Sinatra's Solar System

Did you know that in 1979 Frank Sinatra recorded a concept alum about the future with a giant orchestra? Well he did, and it’s exactly as crazy as you think it is. In the opening number, Frank takes a tour of the solar system during which he declares “Uranus is… Read more »

3 Things We Never Need To See In Videos Ever Again

No cliches zone

Band Shot Against a White Background One of the oldest music video tropes, it still shows up from time to time. Sure, in 1980 no one knew what a music video should look like. But in 2009, it just shows you care as much about your video as you do… Read more »

Happy Independence Day From The Grim Snark

It’s that special time of year again when America plays its favorite game, “Is that fireworks or gun shots?” Americans love to reduce the bold experiment in democracy that is their nation to a weekend long orgy of drunkenness and explosions. Here at Grim Snark studios, we’ve put together a… Read more »