The Stupidity of Crowds: Brexit Edition

Scottish proverb "Todays rain is tomorrow's whiskey".

Economists almost never agree with each other. Economic issues are very complex and often have many facets to consider. So when they do agree on something, it’s because the issue at hand is pretty simple and straightforward.

Before the Brexit vote, economists almost universally agreed that leaving the EU would be disastrous for the British economy. So naturally, people listened instead to nativist anti-immigrant fear mongering and voted by a less than 2 % margin to leave the EU. Because hey, what the hell do the experts know, amirite?

A bunch, as it turns out. Almost immediately, the value of the pound plummeted and the UK stock market tanked. Also, the morning after the vote, Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party gave an interview in which he admitted that the promised benefits of leaving the EU were all bullshit. This led to astonished Brits to start Googling what they in fact had left.

Pizza Hut spokesperson Donald Trump visited Scotland for the opening of his new golf course development and proceeded to try to get his stank all over the Brexit vote. Scots replied with a torrent of creative insults directed at the former reality show host.

Can we please get a video of Peter Capaldi reading these?

Can we please get a video of Peter Capaldi reading these?

Of course, things aren’t as simple as all that. The vote to leave isn’t technically binding and no one is really sure how leaving the EU would exactly be done anyway. Regardless, UK prime minister David Cameron decided to GTFO because this is going to be a shit storm no mater how it falls out.

Which is a bummer because we won’t get any more videos like this:

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