Never Mind The APR!

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Sex pistols Mastercard - punk as fuck!

Sex pistols Mastercard – punk as fuck!

How are you going to pay for that KISS-themed coffin? How about with a Sex Pistols Themed Mastercard?

Virgin has introduced a line of credit cards with Sex Pistols graphics, because getting approved for a credit card is punk as fuck.

Here’s a video of mega douche Sir Richard Branson trying to sound “cool” and “with it” talking about the kids’ “rocking and rolling” music:

For a mere 18.9% APR, you can keep it totally real and really give it to the corporate overlords. When the clerk at the Apple store swipes your card and sees “Never Mind The Bollocks” on it, he will legit freak out. Take that, capitalism!

In a similar spirit of DIY iconoclasm and cross-platform marketing, we at the Grim Snark are planning to launch a line of G. G. Allin credit cards.

G. G. Allin Mastercard, Life sucks, scum fuck edition

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