Life Imitates Robocop 2

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The 1990 film Robocop 2 predicted a dystopian future where suburban parents and their bratty kids run wild wreaking havoc and committing crimes.

Well the future is now! Meet Mary Jordan, Ashley England, and Sammie Whaley.

Mary Jordan, Ashley England, Sammie Whaley mug shots

Stay classy, ladies.

Mary likes selfies.

Mary jordan selfies

Must. Smile. Like. Dead. Inside.

Sammie Jo loves her some Jeebus:

Sammie jo Whaley facebook post

Hold me, creepy book person!

These three suburban Ohio moms took their kids to McDonald’s, where they felt one employee gave slow service. Wanting to set an example for their kids, they did what I’m sure any conscientious parent would do.

That’s right: wait in the parking lot and then ambush the offending employee and beat the shit out of her.

And encourage the kids to join in.

It’s hardly surprising that a perfect storm of self-involvement and superciliousness would turn out this way. Even less surprising is that they were nabbed by the cops. But our intrepid heroines decided they weren’t going to let the lousy screws dampen their swagger. So they posed for their mugshots selfie-style. Said mug shots were then promptly posted to the police department Facebook page, and naturally they went viral.

Congrats, ladies. You hit the big time.

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