Eagles Fly – The Best Thing To Ever Happen on Local TV News

It has been said that a crisis is just another kind of opportunity. For one local TV news team, one such crisi-tunity arose when they filmed a segment about bald eagles. When they discovered that the wireless microphone had malfunctioned, they decided this was their moment to shine.

They cut together the footage they shot and composed an original song to go in place of the narration that was recorded on site. The song they crafted is a masterpiece of Trey Parker-esque 80’s power ballad gold.

Now, you may be wondering why they didn’t just record some narration in the studio? Well, that’s not how we do things in America, pardner. Besides, how could they deny us moments of lyrical brilliance like:

There’s an eagle’s soul laid bare
And a girl, down below
And a guy who will share some info


Eagles are awesome so get rid of that frown
This one had a nightmare but they’re calming it down


Eagle man, Eagle plan
Eagle babies in the palm of my hand
Eagle mustache, Eagle snow
Eagles know when it’s cold


With freakin’ sweet eyesight they can spot them some fish

and of course the recurring refrain of “USA, USA”.

So if you ever find yourself missing audio due to equipment failure, take that lack of audio and made lack of audio-ade.

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