The Best Part Of Terminator: Salvation

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Terminator: Salvation is known mostly for two things: Christian Bale’s on set rant, and not being very good.

But there is one small moment of brilliance hidden in an establishing shot, which probably comes to us courtesy of some sly production designer. It happens when our sort-of main character – I’m going to say Scott something, or is it Ben? Anyway, he wakes up from a coma or whatever and wanders through a post-apocalyptic city.


As the camera pans across the wreckage, we see a sign for a toy company with a clown face logo.

Red Clown toy company sign terminator: Salvatio

The most cheerful scene in this movie

If the clown face design looks familiar, it’s because it’s identical to the clown paint design used by John Wayne Gacy.

Red clown toy company sign and John Wayne Gacy clown makeup

In case you haven’t heard of him, John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer responsible for the deaths of at least eight adolescent boys. He also worked part time as a clown. Which is both intensely creepy and not at all surprising.

John Wayne Gacy mugshot and clown face

Serial killing and clowning, a natural pairing

The interesting thing to ponder is – what if instead of this being an inside joke, T:S takes place in an alternate universe where Gacy hadn’t become a serial killer, but instead had become a famous clown? That’s way scarier than a killer cyborg.

Clown with terminator skull showing

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