3 Things We Never Need To See In Videos Ever Again

Band Shot Against a White Background

One of the oldest music video tropes, it still shows up from time to time. Sure, in 1980 no one knew what a music video should look like.

But in 2009, it just shows you care as much about your video as you do about getting a decent snare drum sound.

Band Driving Out to the American Desert

Anyone who has actually had to live in a desert can tell you it’s not nearly as interising as film makers seem to think it is. But it keeps showing up in videos.

Hey, it’s the endless highway scroling across the screen. Here’s some sand! Sand is cool, right? Oh, some cacti! Boy it sure is bright out here. Here’s some more sand. More scrolling endless highway…..Man, the desert is boring as shit.

Diagetic Sound in Music Videos

It’s great that you want to make a little story in your music video and all. But you know what we want to hear? The song! You know what we don’t want to hear? Dialogue and sound effects! That’s what movies are for.

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