Spandau Ballet’s Shoulder Pads In This Video Are Enormous

Band: “We need really big shoulder pads for this video.” Director: “Big shoulder pads. Got it.” Band: “No, we mean really big shoulder pads.” Director: “Sure thing. Really big shoulder pads.” Band: “We don’t think you understand. Therese shoulder pads need to be massive. Epic.” Director: “OK, giant shoulder pads.”… Read more »

What Will You Do When The Frogs Come For You?

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Back in the 1970s there was a wave of ecological horror movies. The usual scenario was that a group of people are cut off from civilization are menaced by animals that have either grown in size or decide to swarm and kill all the humans. At some point it is… Read more »

She Read Dinosaur Porn So You Don’t Have To

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Dino porn

A while ago there was a proliferation of “dinosaur porn” on the Amazon self-published erotic fiction section. For a couple bucks, readers could download titles like “Taken By The T Rex” or “Dino Park After Dark” to their Kindle reader. There’s a whole genre of these dino erotica titles. It’s… Read more »

When TV goes Punk

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TV goes punk!

Back when there were only three TV networks there were few things funnier than when shows would try to portray youth culture. Usually the plot involved the main characters of the show encountering a group of young people who would perplex our heroes with their weird music and crazy fashion…. Read more »

The Incandescent Weirdness of Udo Kier

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Udo Kier

If you’ve watched any movies, chances are you’ve seen Udo Kier. If you mostly watch Hollywood movies, you’ve probably seen him in a brief role, and thought “Oh, that’s the guy who’s like a real life version of Mike Myers’ Dieter character!” If you’re a horror movie fan, you probably… Read more »

Never Mind The APR!

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G. G. Allin Mastercard, Life sucks, scum fuck edition

How are you going to pay for that KISS-themed coffin? How about with a Sex Pistols Themed Mastercard? Virgin has introduced a line of credit cards with Sex Pistols graphics, because getting approved for a credit card is punk as fuck. Here’s a video of mega douche Sir Richard Branson… Read more »

Eagles Fly – The Best Thing To Ever Happen on Local TV News

The best thing to ever happen on local TV news

It has been said that a crisis is just another kind of opportunity. For one local TV news team, one such crisi-tunity arose when they filmed a segment about bald eagles. When they discovered that the wireless microphone had malfunctioned, they decided this was their moment to shine. They cut… Read more »

It’s Frank Sinatra’s Solar System – We’re Just Living In It

Frank Sinatra's Solar System

Did you know that in 1979 Frank Sinatra recorded a concept alum about the future with a giant orchestra? Well he did, and it’s exactly as crazy as you think it is. In the opening number, Frank takes a tour of the solar system during which he declares “Uranus is… Read more »

Tales From The Olive Garden: No Breadsticks, No Peace Part 2


If there is a sort of inverse mirror universe version of the decaying Mad Max style post apocalyptic hellscape much of America is turning into, it would be Times Square. A Twilight Zone-like area of out-sized versions of corporate chains and soulless eateries is home to the world’s largest Olive… Read more »